Our Top Mission is Saving Lives, and YOU Can Help!


Join Our Animal Team

  • Become a Foster Home: just one room in your home can save a life.  We supply everything you need to care for them.  Fill out our Foster Application.
  • Drive an animal to a vet appointment
  • Help out at adoption events
  • Assist in the adoption process
  • FOSTER HOMES are always urgently in need.  Providing a room in your home can save lives, literally.  We provide everything you need; you just supply the love.  Contact us for details on becoming a foster parent.


Become A Junior Volunteer

Become a Foster caretaker or help raise money to care for our animals with some of these ideas:

Throw a Jewelry Drive at your school //  Hold a Garage Sale //  Lemonade/cookie stand // Car wash for animals (litter + food collection) //  Make homemade dog biscuits/cat treats // Make homemade catnip toys (for sale in our Resale Shop) // Cat sitting + cat socializing //  Collect towels + blankets // Bake sale // Vegetable or flower stand (grow vegetables or flowers in your garden) // Mother/Daughter Tea (collect donations of food + litter // Kids Fashion Show // Jump or play sport for animals (pledge monetary or food donation) // 

If you are interested in becoming a Junior Volunteer, please contact Wendy Fontana, Jr. Volunteer Director


Donate Supplies


  • Food without by-products (such as any dry or wet, grain free food, Royal Cannin Indoor or Wellness canned food for example)

    We are also in need of dry Kitten food (Royal Cannin) or Wellness (canned).  Other items that we always need include:

  • Natural Litters with zero perfumes or chemicals
  • Gift Certificates to Stop & Shop, Westwood Pets, Westwood Seed & Feed, etc.
  • Cat Toys
  • Tall Kitchen Garbage Bags (13 gallon)
  • Paper Towels


Sponsor A Pet

If a particular animal has melted your heart, but you’re unable to adopt or foster, become their “sponsor.”  Use PayPal to donate what you can to help the animal of your choice.

Our vet and care costs are enormous…so monetary donations are always needed!  Donate through PayPal.  And thanks!

We also collect blankets for the dogs in cages at the Bergen County Animal Shelter in Teterboro. You’re welcome to drop off your blanets at C.A.T.S. Resale Shop and we’ll deliver them, or take them directly to the shelter at 100 United Lane in Teterboro.


Join Our Fundraising Team

Help plan fundraising events // Assist at events


  • 5 + Years in successful fundraising 
  • 5 + Years in successful event planning
  • 5 + Years in successful out reach programs

Join Our Sales Team

Become a Sales Associate and assist customers, display merchandise or tag new items

As a volunteer organization, we’re dependent upon not just monetary donations, but various items that can help us in our mission.

For Our Shop (please make sure the items are in good condition.  We don’t have the dumpster room for broken or un-saleable merchandise).


  • Designer Clothes and Accessories
  • Collectibles
  • Decorative and Gift Items
  • Antiques
  • Small Pieces of Furniture
  • Jewelry


Join Our Marketing Team

Are you a “techie”?  Help with promotions, Internet issues, etc.


  • Must have at least 2+ years in Social Media Management 
  • Intermediate understanding of web development, maintenance, domains, hosting & the Squarespace Platform
  • Basic ability for graphic design using software like Canva

Are You Ready to Make A Difference?

Apply Now to be part of our team

* NOTE - if you are interested in fostering, you MUST fill out the application above in the fostering section. Thank you. 
Name *
Please tell us how excited you are to be part of our amazing, dedicated team and please send along your resume. For those wishing to donate supplies - please simply let us know what you are loving to give and how we can be in contact. Thank you!